Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fashion Techy │Swackett

Sunny with a chance of style! Move aside weather girl, Swackett is the way to go when it comes to styling your outfit around the weather. Finally, we have an intuitive app out that can guide us toward what to wear based on the weather! For all the jet-setting, globe-trotting, city girls out there, this is fashion tech heaven. Basically, Swackett will help your visualize the best apparel to rock wherever your destination may be with hourly forecasts, satellite imagery, and all those fancy weather terms. Using uber cool people emoticons called "Peeps," Swackett shows us straight up how to dress to be most comfortable in the current weather. So if your peep tells you to wear a jacket and carry that umbrella, we are probably sensing some rain in the near future. Get with the fashion times and download this free app to whatever technology device you carry now! Being that is it already so hot in the fabulous AZ desert, looks like BTY is rocking shorts and tees today - just in time to go shop! Who knew weather could be so fresh and trendy?!